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Why Culture Stone Is Called Culture Stone?

Author : Date : 9/30/2015 1:22:09 AM
 Have you every wondering why culture stone is called culture stone? Actually, culture stone is not just a single stone, it has nothing about any cultural meaning. The stone is the result of the processing of itself, it is the expression of a certain decorative effect processing and production methods. Culture stone is not only can maintain the natural color of the lines of the original style, but also coupled with the deployment of color change. What’s more, it can show exhaustive the content and artistic stone texture.

Artificial culture stone is an age-old, strong and durable construction technique products which is used for exterior cladding, fences, garden walls, fireplaces, supports, pool surrounds, trail markers and sculptures (cairns). The three-dimensional look of stacked culture stone can be created with true stone, artificial stone or rock paneling.

Culture Stone Veneer is a favorite veneer style of today's contemporary architects. When installed, the long and narrow Stack Stone with its square edges provides a modern look when installed. The rectangular stones comparison rules, uniform effect. These artificial stones re-defines the height and width of the surface of the puzzle, simplifying installation.